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  1. I haven't had tivo, directtv, dish since 2005. I get like FOX, CBS sometimes with rabbit ears and two other local channels that's it. Only shows I ever watch live sometimes are 24, American Idol, Hell's Kitchen but many times miss those and others but have no fear.

    I have What's On (which I like better than i.TV btw) and i.TV but obviously those don't do me much good now do they. By far the best app is TV Forecast $3 for one simple reason if you don't have cable / satellite like me. Add your favorite shows (yes papa but the others let you do that too).....hold on children I haven't told you yet. Click on the show it shows you show title for that episode and sometimes summary if available but here is why it's worth it. Click on title of show at top and voila it shows season and episode number. Sorry I can't say anymore.

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  2. New favorite is TV Shows $4. Yes it's 1 1/2 stars rating on appstore but all those 1 stars are based on the fact they thought they could watch full episodes of the tv shows. All it lets you do is it searches on youtube for them.

    Ok moving right along this is better than TV Forecast now IMHO since you don't need to click on title to get season/episode #. It lists Season and Episode number week by week. Also contains entire episode list from each season.
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    They look nice, but I'm happy with What's On cause I have cable. I'm glad people have made some apps for people who don't have cable though :)
  4. TV Shows is down to $2 was always $4 and shows airdates of each episode...nice new black interface. Better than TV Forecast IMHO now. Can mark which episodes you've seen (icon turns green) and is red if you haven't seen it. Season listing shows from season 6, season 5, top to bottom.

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