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    This makes me a very happy person. I was waiting for this to be included with the iPhone, and now it seems an offical application is underway by TeleNav.

    Major points are that it includes full color 3D moving maps, option for real time voice-spoken directions, and the fact that IT IS NOT A SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE FROM AT&T, JUST A PLAIN OLD APP. :)

    EDIT: Also, now they need to create a dashboard mount for the 3G iPhone, it will be a must have. (I know they make them for the regular iPhone, but I'm not sure if it will fit with the new tapered edge design.)

    This one http://www.marketworks.com/storefrontprofiles/DeluxeSFItemDetail.aspx?sid=1&sfid=129610&c=0&i=241375331 seems really nice with the whole hands free option, would make it easy to listen to the real time voice directions from the application...not sure if it fits the 3G although it says it also works with normal iPods which makes me think it will. Only problem is that it seems to hold the phone in portrait instead of landscape, where the application looks to be in landscape mode from the screen shot. (Maybe it's both who knows.)

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