Turbo Tornado: Open World Race

Hasan Seker
Turbo Tornado: Car Racing is a breathtaking offline racing game designed for speed enthusiasts. In addition to the ever-…
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Turbo Tornado: Car Racing is a breathtaking offline racing game designed for speed enthusiasts. In addition to the ever-expanding open world; Experience unique features such as vehicle customization, drift, night theme and police chases. Join us now and compete to become the king of the street! SPECIAL FOR OPEN WORLD CAR RACING ENTHUSIASTS: Turbo Tornado has car races according to your style, if you are an expert in drifting, drift racing, if you are great at drag racing, drag racing, if you want more than a car, crazy options such as Truck, Helicopter and Motorcycle racing. A THRIVING OPEN WORLD: We evaluate player feedback and put your requests and suggestions to vote. We bring you the most popular open world map expansion with every update. Have fun flying with a drift car in the huge international cruise port, and try top speed at the airport. FIRST IN THE WORLD! UNIQUE MODIFICATION SYSTEM: We are completely changing the vehicle customization systems in classic car racing games. Now Animated video - experience animated wheel covers, spoilers with strip LEDs, and vehicle wraps that play animations. SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT FULL OF ADVENTURE: Turbo Tornado offers you more than just an open world racing game. To earn money in the city of San Lurito: You can drive a truck, transport a car with a helicopter, secretly infiltrate the police and become a police officer, and chase other racers in the underground city. Don't forget to check out the missions given to you by your friends in the city. HIGHLIGHTED FEATURES: - An open world car racing game completely without internet. - Realistic cars, and an ambitious huge map. - Long highway roads and traffic system, special for highway racers. - Animated modified objects, innovative visual effects. - Drift racing, Street racing, Police chase, Open world racing and more. - New racing cars added every week, with Customized cars! - Constantly expanding map according to user demands. NOTE: Turbo Tornado Open World Racing does not force you to turn on the internet, you are at the right place for a car game experience without internet. If you want to follow us on social media and be a part of the city of San Lurito, use the link below. Don't forget! All driver feedback you make is evaluated and development for each update and game is made as a result of these evaluations. Don't forget to follow us and leave feedback to be informed about the developments. https://discord.gg/NUrsKmCuVK
Seller:Hasan Seker
Genre:Racing, Simulation
Release:Nov 07, 2023
Updated:Jun 06, 2024
Size:566.2 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal