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    Mar 11, 2009
    Even in a barren desert, life exists! With TumbleWeed, an addicting game by Warelex LLC, help the little tumbleweed navigate through the dry, cracked landscape while avoiding obstacles such as cacti, quicksand, and scorpions.

    The goal is to make it to the oasis before losing all your water. The catch is, you can only enter the oasis after your droplet counter turns yellow. Along the way, various obstacles threaten the tumbleweed's lives -- scorpions and cacti, for instance, deplete a certain amount of life, while drowning in quicksand automatically ends the level.
    Make sure to get to the oasis before dying. Water droplets, however, help to increase your number of lives. Be warned though, while the concept seems simple enough, it is not as easy as you might think!

    The use of the iPhone as a tilt controller brings the little tumbleweed to great speeds, making the journey exciting but also challenging. In a new-generation driving game of sorts, mastering and navigating the desert is fast-paced and highly involved, making TumbleWeed hard (if not downright impossible) to put down!



    More screenshots in the store...

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