Android Tube Evader - Spacecraft Space Racing 3D Run (by GGThunder)

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    Endless space spacecraft racing. How long can you go in fly racing galaxy run?

    In a search for endless space racing & avoid obstacle adventure?
    Are you a fan of the casual space retro racing games?
    Welcome to Tube Evader – a fly racing space run game where you need to drive the spaceship to avoid all obstacles in the tube. Featuring tons of exciting obstacles such as unexpected viruses and gigantic ventilators that run the tube, how long can you in this extremely exciting space racer?


    Tap to right/left or swipe up/down to dash the spaceship in the combat racing tube. Show great reaction and anticipation to go far in the space race.


    Collect boosters along the way such as autofire or protective shields and gain an advantage in the 3d space drive. You are sure to need them as you progress in the action space quest where more and more obstacles will try to take your fly racer spacecraft down.


    - 3d endless space car racing
    - simple swipe and tap controls
    - exciting soundtrack
    - gorgeous space inspired graphics
    - boosters that can help you in the spaceship racing
    - high score system
    Now start a space drive with this super-exciting space racer.

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