Trying to change the landscape of mobile gaming. More info inside!

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    Sep 28, 2012
    Since there's alot of these kinds of post here, I'll make it short.

    My little startup is called Ratchet Studio are we are trying to change the pay to win landscape of mobile gaming.

    Currently, our first game is 85% developed, on the CORONA SDK. It is a physics based multiplayer puzzler. There are some screenshots and a description on our (self coded -_-) website (ugly website warning.)

    Our second game is currently in the content creation and is in need of coding and constructing.

    Our team has every aspect of a game development company covered, from the most top level design to the bottom level financing and art. What we need, is a lead developer.

    As for compensation, we offer negotiable salary + negotiable equity. We know what we want and we have enough knowledge to have fair compensation for both parties.

    Again, our website is Its currently really messy, as we're trying to help out a friend by using his widget.

    To contact us for more information (better information than the website...), please use: or skype @ meinkampfychair

    Heres to some responses. Cheers!

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