Are these simple tasks all a CPU can really do!? This app is a mobile reference book that will let you experience the in…
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Are these simple tasks all a CPU can really do!? This app is a mobile reference book that will let you experience the inner workings of a CPU, solving puzzles with a single stroke. How does the CPU make programs work? What is even a pointer? As you advance through the puzzles, the inner workings of a computer will come to you naturally. Worrying about C language pointers? No problem. Even those with no knowledge about programming can learn and have fun. The CPU operates under machine language. Also known as assembly language. Saying it like that makes it sound very complicated, but there's no need to worry. There are very few things that can be done with general programming language, so it is actually quite simple. This app uses a fictional 8-bit CPU for reference, and its features have also been simplified. How is a CPU able to operate a computer with nothing but such simple functions? Let BITROBO be your guide and, little by little, grasp the concepts as you go. Combine simple machine language to create a variety of functions! We believe learning about CPUs at school classes or with manuals can prove to be difficult due to a variety of obstacles. It can be hard to picture clearly with a mere piece of paper, and even getting to practice programming itself can become bothersome. In this app you can tackle programming in a casual experience, with single stroke puzzles eliminating tedious labor. Visualizing CPU operations in an animated format will also help you get a natural grasp of its inner workings. Puzzles are divided across a variety of important topics, each on a different level. There are 4 stages on each level, adding to a grand total of 80 stages to play on. We also compiled a list of 24 extra notes with important information we were unable to expand upon within the gameplay. Climb slowly but surely and reach for the top levels! We hope this app will enrich your computer life! ---------------------------------------------- Table of contents ---------------------------------------------- STEP 1 Write data into the memory STEP 2 Move the pointer STEP 3 Display many different pictures STEP 4 Change the memory data STEP 5 Sorting problem STEP 6 Puzzle Challenge STEP 6.5 The ropes of machine language What is machine language exactly? The inner linings of an app Assembly language What is programming language? STEP FREE Free programming! STEP 7 What a CPU can do STEP 8 Use multiple registers STEP 9 Sorting problem STEP 10 Beginner level: Puzzle Challenge STEP 10.5 What's amazing about a CPU! CPU performance Cache Pipelining Multicore STEP 11 Jump instruction (zero flag) STEP 12 Sorting problem STEP 13 Zero Flag Challenge STEP 14 Jump instruction (carry) STEP 15 Sorting problem STEP 16 Carry Flag Challenge STEP 16.5 Bits of trivia about memory and registers 16-bit calculations The CPU can do both additions and subtractions Endianness Network endianness STEP FREE Free programming! STEP 17 Text mode STEP 18 CMP (Comparison) instruction STEP 19 String handling STEP 20 Sorting problem STEP 21 Text Mode Challenge STEP 21.5 Bits of trivia for beginner programmers ① Memory and variables C language pointer The location of programs End of the program STEP FREE Free programming! STEP22-30 Expert problem ----------------------------------------------
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