Trixel Rocket v2 - THE MAJOR UPDATE is LIVE (by Bliz Studio LLC)

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    Jul 12, 2018
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    Trixel Rocket has now has now undergone a MAJOR OVERHAUL. Since Trixel Rocket's initial release back in mid September 2018, players have focused on the difficulty of the game. Well over the past several months, Trixel Rocket has been updated.

    So what's changed?
    1. WAY EASIER at the beginning of gameplay.
    2. There is now level progression - the game progressively gets harder the further you go and the more levels you complete.
    3. Four Tiers of levels (you'll start out at Tier 1 - easy) pass 3 levels then move on to the next tier and each tier gets progressively more difficult and more levels to pass to continue to next tier.
    4. The game went from 30 randomized levels to now 70 levels
    5. Additional REALLY COOL SHIPS are available to purchase and play
    6. Optimized graphics for smooth gameplay (even on your new iPad pros)
    7. Beautiful new levels and updated graphics throughout the game.

    Play Trixel Rocket today and explore the cosmos in this simple to play action avoidance adventure game. Travel the universe in a variety of ships. Test your skills and reaction times with this one finger game. New trixel art style with beautiful space and worlds to discover. Challenge and share your success with friends in the Game Center leaderboard and to social media. Will you survive?

    iOS out Today!!

    • Stunning New Trixel Art Style
    • 70+ Ramondomized Levels
    • Different experience every time you hit Play
    • Shields to protect you
    • Custom Awesome Music and SFX
    • Selectable ships with more on the way
    • Beautiful Deep Space
    • Avoid and Survive
    • Fast Gameplay
    • Explore the Universe
    • Don’t Die
    • Space Gems to collect
    • Purchase Shields with Space Gems or Shield Packs with real money
    • Game Center Leaderboard
    • Share your success with friends using the share button

    0x0ss-0.jpg 0x0ss-1.jpg 0x0ss-2.jpg 0x0ss-3.jpg 0x0ss-4.jpg 0x0ss-5.jpg 0x0ss-6.jpg 0x0ss-7.jpg 0x0ss-8.jpg 0x0ss-9.jpg

    This is my first game. Bliz Studio, is well... me. Jerry Berg. Solo indie game dev. I've posted a devlog on youtube (link below)



  2. AstroHoundStudios

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    Apr 29, 2018
    Loving this update. The progression system feels fresh and keeps you playing. Well done!
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    BENCOMO Well-Known Member

    Apr 29, 2018
    Playing this update now! well done Jerry...
    I still think the music is amazing!
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  4. crevasse

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    Apr 14, 2018
    Indie Game Developer
    A massive update! Congrats; I'm so in love with the trixel art now thanks to your game :D
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