TriGlyphen™ embodies the art and practice of harnessing special powers from symbolic glyphs. In medieval times, groups o…
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TriGlyphen™ embodies the art and practice of harnessing special powers from symbolic glyphs. In medieval times, groups of 3 symbolic glyphs exhibiting common traits were arranged by mystics in specific sequences, known as TriGlyphs, to fend off evil spirits and to pay tribute to the gods.

In the way of the ancient scribes, your mission is to strategically arrange stones into TriGlyphs using combinations of Symbolic Glyph stones while leveraging the aid of unique, Directional Wildcard Charm stones.

Plan ahead to arrange TriGlyph sequences and receive bonuses for your achievements.

Mystery stones could be helpful in your quest or may further block your way, adding an element of intrigue and challenge to your strategic play. And beware of the Dark-Energy stones that permanently block access to other stones, impeding your ability to form TriGlyphs.


★★★★ Now with 4 NEW Difficulty Levels to challenge you:

This is the classic gameplay mode containing directional wildcard stones and dark-energy stones. TriGlyphs can be formed in any direction: horizontally, vertically, and diagonally.

Directional wildcard stones are still available, but they appear much less frequently, forcing you to rely more on your TriGlyph-forming skills than in the classic Apprentice mode.

Jr. Master:
You're on your own now. Wildcard stones are an element of the past and dark-energy stones are more prevalent. Fortunately, for you, while you further hone your strategic skills, TriGlyphs can still be formed in any direction.

To truly become a TriGlyphen Master, you must perfect your craft. Wildcard stones? Not here. Diagonal TriGlyphs? No - Only horizontal and vertical TriGlyphs can be claimed.

Are you up to the challenge of TriGlyphen? Stimulate your brain and tune up your IQ!


Unique Gameplay Features

✦ 4 NEW Difficulty Levels: Apprentice, Journeyman, Jr. Master, and Master
✦ Players must analyze multiple attributes of individual stones in order to successfully build TriGlyphs
✦ TriGlyphs can be formed using attribute similarities OR attribute differences
✦ Directional wildcard stones help build TriGlyphs in specific directions
✦ Non-matching dark-energy stones create permanent blockages and cannot be used to form TriGlyphs
✦ Mystery stones temporarily block other stones and reveal only when neighboring stones form a TriGlyph
✦ High Score List tracks your top-10 scores with date/time stamp!


Recent Reviews:

"TriGlyphen is a unique mixture of strategy-puzzle games...adding a new twist. All elements are very beautifully carved..."

"Straightforward to play but you really need to work to find the patterns. This will definitely be on my play rotation for a while!" 5-Bar rating user review


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Genre:Puzzle, Strategy
Release:Aug 21, 2010
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