iPhone Trifrenzy! Action puzzler with unique iPhone 5 features

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    We will be releasing an action puzzler within a month or so, and have a few screenshots to show off. Trifrenzy is a relentless action matching game, to be released as a universal app, with added features designed specifically for the taller iPhone 5 screen!

    Earn coins to buy power-ups and add-ons, like extending extra rows on the taller iPhone 5 screen.


    Frantically sort and match shapes, colours, and patterns as they fall.


    More information on Trifrenzy, as well as our other game in development, coming soon from Ready Set Retro
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    May 9, 2012
    If it's an iPhone game I would suggest posting in upcoming iPhone and iPod touch games, not upcoming iPad games.
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    This will be released on the iPad as well, as a universal App. I will update this post with iPad screenshots shortly

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