Universal Trick Art Dungeon - Beyond Reality and Imagination

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    『Trick Art Dungeon』 is an optical illusion puzzle adventure game with trick art elements.
    Enjoy the tricks and illusions in the 『Trick Art Dungeon』, where imagination and reality intersect!

    ■ What is 『Trick Art Dungeon』?
    Trick Art Dungeon follows a journey of a child who lost his parents in a museum. Guide the child as he tries to find his parents in the brink of imagination and reality.
    Enjoy the amazing experience of illusions and trick arts as the child follows the footsteps of his parents.

    ■ Unforgettable Story
    Experience the child's consciousness while exploring the mysterious realms of the museum.
    Be the child's guide as he follows the footsteps of his parents.

    ■ Beautiful Graphics and Sounds
    Immersive sound and unique graphics will give you a very special experience.

    ■ Easy to Control, Exciting Action
    Simple touch and swipe actions for everyone.






    Google Play :

    iOS Appstore :

    If you are interested, please make a reservation in advance.

    It's due to be released in May, so everyone in the team is working hard!

    Thank you.

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