Universal Travel to Future - Ancient Portals!

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    Hey there, It’s a great game Hidden Object that I'm sure you gonna like it: Hidden Object: Travel to Future - Ancient Portals!


    Hidden Object: Travel to Future - Ancient Portals

    Victoria stumbles upon a time portal while visiting her late uncle's house. She excitedly uses it and causes a temporal clash. The future and past start to meld together to create a time paradox. The fate of humanity hangs in the balance and only Victoria can stop it! Travel to victorians France, ancient India and visit the mysterious Mayans to correct the time paradox and save the world in this engaging hidden object puzzle adventure.

    - Hidden object mystery game
    - Three stories from three parts of the globe
    - Immersive locations
    - Different mini-game mechanics
    - More 30 handcrafted levels
    - Save your game automatically at any time
    - Look for Shapes, Numbers and Hidden Objects!
    - Engaging storyline and mysterious plot!
    - Hundreds of items to find!
    - Hints available if you get stuck!
    - Includes various bonus mini games!


    Download a Free version of the game on the link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hidden-object-travel-to-future/id1080116363?l=uk&ls=1&mt=8

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