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    Maybe the start of the travel season is a good time to remind everyone that Data Roaming can be very expensive when you are traveling abroad.
    There were several reports last year about thousand dollar phone bills for Data Roaming.

    The iPhone can be configured to disable Data Roaming and the Wifi capability of the iPhone offers a good alternative to get high speed internet access.

    It is really astonishing how many nice small independent Cafes and Restaurants are offering free WiFi access.
    The app Free WiFi Cafe Spots makes it easy to find them.
    It lists more than 14,000 Cafes and Restaurants with free WiFi in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia.

    Unlike other applications, Free WiFi Cafe Spots stores the locations of the free Wi-Fi Cafes and Restaurants directly on the device and does not require Internet access to retrieve the info.
    You can list all cafes near your current Geo location or select a City / Neighborhood by name or ZIP code.

    [App Store] ($1.99)


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