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Transport INC. is a game about management, competition, economy, and above all logistics. Use your skills to bring your …
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Transport INC. is a game about management, competition, economy, and above all logistics. Use your skills to bring your transportation company to the top. Connect capitals around the world. Watch and adapt to economic situations. If something isn’t going according to plan, quickly make the necessary changes. Play fair or play dirty by sabotaging the other companies. In Transport INC. the path you choose to earn profits is yours to make. VEHICLES Choose from many different types of vehicles spanning from trucks and buses to trains and airplanes. Purchase the vehicles that bring the biggest revenue and get ahead of the competition. Make sure your passengers have the comfort and speed they demand by upgrading your units. Charge them extra for the luxury or keep your ticket prices low and competitive. STORY Follow the arduous journey of a good-hearted father and ambitious son as they strive to align their clashing personalities as they start their new company. Will they be able to overcome their differences and build a thriving business together, or will they fight at every turn and fail? FREE PLAY Select one of many starting countries as your starting point, set your victory conditions, vehicle types, and more. Enjoy the journey alone or compete with several opponents. Play a completely custom game. GLOBAL RACE Transport passengers all around the world earning profit in cities to capture them. Expand and transport as fast as you can. The first player to capture the target number of cities wins. KEY FEATURES · Manage your fleet and choose from more than 27 vehicle types in 3 categories · Rule the roads on real-world maps · Watch out for unexpected events and take advantage of opportunities · Play by yourself or against opponents · Challenge yourself with 4 different difficulty options · Upgrade and modernize each of your vehicles to get ahead of your competition · Rent offices and hire managers to take care of your vehicles for you · Adjust salaries and keep workers happy to avoid strikes · Save up, or take out a loan to jump ahead · Purchase licenses for new vehicle types and territories to expand your business
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Genre:Simulation, Strategy
Release:Dec 05, 2023
Updated:Jan 12, 2024
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