Transferring savegames from one i-device to another i-device?

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    Sep 7, 2010
    Hi there,

    I registered to ask a very special technical question:

    I had an old ipod touch 2G 8 gigs and grew recently tired of it (because every day the memory got full with new stuff) and now I bought a better one, 3G with 64 gigs.
    On my old one there were a lot of games I havent finished yet (especially RPGs). I wanted to transfer my savegames to the new i-device by copying the so-called "Documents" and "Library" folders in every cryptic App folder in the main Applications folder onto the new devices. Both devices are jailbreaked and the filesystem made visible, of course. That went very well - with the exception of two RPGs:
    - Inotia 2
    - Necromancer Rising

    In both cases the new installation does not recognize the savegames. In Inotia 2 it says they are corrupted and in Necromancer it simply does not recognize the files. I also tried the App "Chronus" to transfer the files -with the same result. It doesnt work. In both games I had high-level chars and I am sad that its not possible to transfer them (it went well for example in Quest, Xenome, Ravensword, Undercroft, Crimson Gem and others). Only these two are problematic.

    Any ideas what I could try to accomplish it?



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