iPad Toy Store: Living toys are taking over this fantastic factory!

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    WE’RE HIRING! Do you have what Toy Store needs?
    Requirements: Skilled employees willing to have fun!

    :cool: iTunes link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/toy-store/id543981666?mt=8 (it's FREE!)

    Joey has been, for many, many years, in charge of Toy Store’s production – this sort of crazy inventor is the only person who, so far, knows how to handle all the factory’s living toys.

    …But after a lifetime controlling the machines and separating the toys, he needs to retire. What does he want most? Teach someone (YOU!) how to do his job and let him finally get his well-deserved vacation in the Caribbean.

    In Toy Store, you have to place the toys in the correct pipe, collect special items… And avoid tapping the bad ones! As an endless game, it will get more and more challenging as it gets more and more FUN!

    If you want to give Joey a hand, you’ll run across some awesome features, like:

    • Funny (and incredibly cute) animated living toys,
    • Different power-ups that can boost your game,
    • A bunch of challenging missions to complete,
    • Amazing music and sound effects!

    Toy Store features Game Center integration with leaderboards, to share your scores with everyone that also wants to help Joey going on vacation.

    So, what are you waiting for applying and start running this crazy factory?!






    Thank you!

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