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    Nov 4, 2010
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    Hey guys,

    I’ve just submitted my first game Toxic Boom (sounds cool, right?) to the app store for review. The goal is simple, catch the chemicals as they go past the screen and try not to let two chemicals collide.

    Ok, so let’s go over a few points, the game starts pretty easy with only one conveyer active but as you start to get more points the 2nd one activates.

    You also only start with two colours, as the game gets harder you will get more colours which also move at a faster speed..whew!!

    And if that’s not enough , we also have the zones surrounding the screen changing order regularly so you have to think a lot more tactically and quicker :)

    The ideas was to make an action packed game that also required you to think rather than just running about with a gun shooting monsters ( which by the way I still love to do ;) ) .

    I’d really appreciate it if you guys have a free moment if you could could join my face book and/or twitter. I’ll be giving away 5 promo codes to each so you also stand a chance of getting the game for free :)

    I genuinely did my best to make this as game good as possible and really hope you guys like it,

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    The name does indeed sound good ;)

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