Toxic BOOM - Ineeed of graphics revamp for release !

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    Nov 4, 2010
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    I'm looking for a 2d artist that can give my graphics for toxic boom a revamp(see screen shots bellow).

    The game is already made and I had submitted it to Apple but a few people here suggested they should be improved first, so I'm going to cancel the submission and get it sorted.

    Once we have had the chance to talk I will provide a more detailed design specification.

    So here are a few screen shots of what I have now:

    And heres roughly what I want done:

    * Improved overall graphics 'style' so the game has personality
    * Better graphics for the borders
    * A more cartoon themed conveyor belt tread ?
    * A nice shiny effect and better looking chemicals ( red , yellow, green and blue)
    * Better Score counter
    * A more attractive pause button.
    * A nice background picture
    * Better texture for Hazard sign
    * Main Menu screens
    * And finally an improved Icon

    Please PM me with how much its going to cost, how long it will take and a mockup of the the graphics 'style' you have in mind would really help.


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