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    Hi there. I'm fairly new to the ipod scene, having just gotten a touch for Christmas (though my wife has had one for years) and I got to thinking perhaps there were others out there like me who are wondering what are some good websites/blogs to go to for news and information. I've listed some of the ones I go to (besides, which I love) but they're mostly of a 'gaming/app' nature. The only 'news' site I know of is '' and I don't love that site and would like some recommendations for other ipod 'news' sites or blogs that I might like more.

    Anyway, here's what I've got:

    also: 'iphone game network' but I can't seem to make that link be accepted by these message boards. Speaking of which, I apologize if I'm doing something that's not allowed - I don't see any rules against posting other websites (just not advertising your own blog, which none of these are). I'm just curious about where other people go for news on the web. Thanks.
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    What About RazorianFly, and this website?
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    Another One

    For some reason can't post this link but type: app store apps without the spaces (and of course .com). This site has applications as well as games being reviewed, etc. Agree on Touch Arcade being the best/loved game site. As you know it holds a wealth of information in reviews, posts, devs, etc. It takes a different group of people to make a game site work and find this to be the best. I find it very informative and most questions are answered for me (notice my numbered posts). tA has a lot to offer such as posting new games quickly (I search here and links take me right to iTunes) and info on pending games as well. I've been around awhile (close to when iTunes opened) and have been an avid reader of tA for awhile too (although finally registered a short while ago). Usually I stay quietly hidden under my rock. (Although I will post reviews on iTunes)
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    Besides this my faves are
    with some really good review videos


    where you can instantly see new games and updates (and price changes) Also it is in categories so it is easy to browse too.
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    For iphone news and stuff I use Toucharcade and for apple news I read macrumors.
    As far as I can see the forum here on TA has become pretty big, I was a reader only when the site launched and it's gotten pretty big since then.
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    Do you think I got them all? :)
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    This isn't exclusively iPhone, but my favorite is TUAW.

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