Universal TORIKO, a real-time puzzle fighting game

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    Hi everyone! We just launched TORIKO on Open Beta for Google Play, and I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce this game to you, which will be coming to iOS very soon.

    It’s a Puzzle PVP game where 2 players battle it out and throw combos and bombs at each other until a winner emerges. The gameplay is skill-based. Players must swipe down to collect birds and swipe up to match them.


    If you’ve played Magical Drop before, you’ll be familiar with the rules.

    You can also equip Items and Skills and bring them into battle. The former allows you to save yourself when you are in a pinch. The latter affects your opponent’s board in real time. For example, Pinwheel turns all blocks in your opponent’s board transparent. Also, if you do successive combos, you’ll make rows drop in your opponent’s screen. Isn’t that exciting?!
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    There are 3 modes in this game. Training mode lets you fight with AI (until level 10). PVP mode is where you fight with anyone all over the world, and lastly, you can also create a private room to play with friends. The leaderboard will showcase players with the most consecutive wins.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Join the Beta
    To try out TORIKO on iOS, please send your TestFlight email to jiahui[at]happylabsfree[dot]com
    Or, if you have android device, you can sign up here: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.happylabs.mdrop

    Release Date
    Official release is planned to be on 1 Apr 2017. TORIKO will be available on both iTunes App Store and Google Play at the same time!

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