Top Speed 2 – Drag Racing Game (by T-Bull)

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    Jul 13, 2015
    Hi all! As the first chapter for Top Speed has been downloaded by almost 40 million players worldwide, we decided to take another step. A few weeks ago we started testing our upcoming title which is Top Speed 2, a multiplayer mobile racing game based on head-to-head drag races. It's about time to invite you to test the game. Can't wait to see your feedback!

    This game should deliver all auto racing emotions which drag racing enthusiasts could possibly desire. Great depth of the plot, dozens of cars (stock vehicles), tons of upgrades, and hours of playing. Top Speed 2 can be enjoyed by casual players in short sessions, but also by players who love playing by hours.


    • multiplayer mode,
    • 70+ cars to choose from,
    • thousands of tuning and customization options,
    • different racing game modes, like Story and Elite Mode,
    • 3 different maps: airport, highway, and docks,
    • dedicated limited-time racing events!
    • Online Leaderboards,
    • car parts upgrading system,
    • 3D HD visuals!
    • over 100 different car decals

    BACKSTORY – Mole for the mob or rat for the cops? You are a young cop who's been suspended and now operates on the borders of the law. When mafia mobs want to keep the city in their steel grasp, you have to work the night shift to get things done. Now, you are the only one who can deal with this new, extraordinary task. Don't let them know you're from the police.

    We would love to see your feedback on the game! Post-release we're are planning to add new multiplayer-related features, more content and a possible release on console and steam.

    Check back for updates :)

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