Tomes and Quests: a Word RPG

Trailblazer Games
Do you love word games but feel they suffer from a lack of nefarious fae? Tomes and Quests has you covered! This is a …
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Do you love word games but feel they suffer from a lack of nefarious fae? Tomes and Quests has you covered! This is a word game at heart with an RPG twist to give you a whole new take on word-building puzzlers. Three friends are trapped in a book, forced to battle their way through a fantasy land rife with magic. It’s not all bad though - now they have awesome abilities powered by words! And you just happen to be the lexicon master that can help them save the worlds! Gameplay - Attack enemies during battles by placing interconnecting letter tiles on the play board to spell words. - Each letter tile has a point value; more points = more power, triggering your heroes’ special abilities! - Upgrade your classes and upgrade your equipment through loot you find to unlock epic strategies. - As you spell a word you can see the damage you’ll cause in the enemy’s health bar. - Match your hero’s element to your target’s vulnerabilities for critical results! A Word RPG After each battle collect your loot and experience to help you on your quest, unlocking new classes and abilities! Your heroes start with three base classes and you can unlock new options through quests: - Sage → Alchemist, Summoner, etc. - Rogue → Archer, Beastmaster, etc. - Brawler → Berserker, Templar, etc. You’ll need to find them all and master them to discover the full story! Words for All Tomes and Quests has a dynamic difficulty system that keeps the game accessible to all. Play in your best language! The story is translated into English and French, and all the word games can be switched to any of these languages at any time! - English - Français - Deutsche - Italiano - Nederlands - Español - Português Lost a fight? - Switch your classes and equipment to tweak your strategy and try again immediately at no penalty! - You can always grind earlier battles for XP and loot to level up your class and upgrade your equipment! Mini-game challenge settings adapt to your skills: how you score helps set goal targets later in the game, so the game progresses at your speed.
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Release:Jun 16, 2023
Updated:Jun 16, 2023
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