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    Here is some information on the latest update to Toddler Time! - Halloween.

    Whats New (Version 1.4)
    - Great new Professional Voice Talent added to replace the old synthesised voice.
    - Retina Display optimisation.
    - Hi-Res graphics added.
    - Uncompressed audio files used.
    - Button press graphics added.
    - Improved animation frequency.
    - Removed overlapping spoken words and sound effects.
    - iOS 4.1 tested.

    Here is a shortened description: (Find the full description here.)

    Toddler Time! - Halloween is an amazing way to educate your young children using the iPhone or iPod Touch.
    With fun animations, high quality images, professional voice talent and easy navigation Toddler Time! - Halloween encourages children to repeat and copy - helping to enhance their vocabulary and knowledge. The fun sound effects and eye-catching colors add an excitement which will keep them engrossed every time they use the app.

    With over 40 pictures, 40 spoken words, 34 screens, 26 sound effects and 3 animated characters, Toddler Time! - Halloween is a must-have educational application for any parent to own as a fun teaching aid for the Halloween season.

    Here are some screenshots:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    For even more information, screenshots, promo codes and useful links, visit Picoman Games.

    If you have time, please leave an opinion on the new voice.

    Thank You!

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