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    Name : To Mars

    Price : Free (There is no in-app purchase)

    Play Store :
    or search 'To Mars' on Play Store


    In the near future..
    Mankind gets to know that Earth becomes a troublesome place to live on
    and they need to move to another, friendlier planet to live on.

    Representatives from multiple countries all over the world meet together
    and decide that the best destination for them would be Mars,
    a location that has been established as a great Earth alternative even from the past.


    You are in control of the first ship of settlers,
    and you have only 1000 km to go until you reach Mars’s surface.
    Suddenly, the enemies start attacking.
    Defeat all enemies and provide a safe travelling experience for your passengers!

    YouTube :

    Play Store :
    or search 'To Mars' on Play Store

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