To be an Indie Developer?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Lounge' started by AgnesDev, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. AgnesDev

    AgnesDev Active Member

    Hi guys!

    I didn't have chance to introduce myself (or I was too shy to do this :p), so...

    My name is Agnes (Polish name is Agnieszka) an I'm an indie developer
    (the development of my first game is WIP but when it's ready I'll write a proper post in the right threads)

    Couple days ago I wrote an article on my blog about Indie Developers - how much "indie" is in the indiedev ;)

    Maybe someone would like to read this during the lunch-break or sth...

    Here you are: To be an Indie Developer?


  2. khanstruct

    khanstruct Member

    Aug 22, 2012
    Very interesting read. I also read a definition once that described indie's as people who design games as a form of artistic expression and without regard for commercial sales.

    ...I laughed out loud. While it's a pretty dream to think that I just love making games and take the criticism of the players with a big smile on my face; all the while, working a 9-5 daily grind job... that's just not true.

    I love making games, but I like eating just a little more.

    As far as getting a publisher, its often just too much temptation when someone is waving a pile of cash in your face. You'd be surprised at how many ideals melt away in the presence of a steady paycheck.
  3. AgnesDev

    AgnesDev Active Member

    I can imagine that - money changes almost everything... especially mentality ;)

    If I earn something I'll spend this money with a huge grin on my face :D
    ... and I'll start thinking about next game :cool:

  4. timedblades

    timedblades Well-Known Member

    Jun 23, 2012
    What do you really need to learn to start making your own games? take from a guy who has not learned any form of programming yet, and is looking into studying, but I don't know where to actually start
  5. AgnesDev

    AgnesDev Active Member

    The answer is very easy, but I don't know if you want to read it... ;)

    It's simple as that: buy and read some books (about game development), start programming, think about a simple project/game (or try to clone an existing and simple one) and... don't stop! Keep working, reading, programming, etc.

    I read few books about iOS/games development (about design, development process, marketing, etc.), but "my" programmer read books about game programming (as I remember 3 or 4!)... It takes time to move on - for me it was almost 1 year to start the real development! :eek:

    So you have to be very patient and motivated (somehow) - I was and still I am, even there was a time that I wanted to drop everything :eek:

    Good luck!


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