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    Dec 4, 2008
    I love building things such as procedural content systems and I'm interested in building a game, along the lines of Elite but much more complex. However, I'm disabled, and can't necessarily do all of the work myself; I'd really like to focus on the world generation aspects. I'm looking for someone who might have (through previous space-shooter development) a somewhat free-roaming 3d space shooter engine going on the iPhone, that might also be able to adapt some planetary flying, and I would provide algorithms and such to generate and maintain a persistent, random world complete with higher-order stories and recurring characters and themes, unique each time it is generated and used. It would be like Privateer but procedurally generated.

    I can generate the following structures:
    -Galaxy-type structure
    -Solar systems, including realistic planetary distributions and types
    -Planetary surfaces

    More abstractly,
    -An economy,
    -An entire "ecosystem" with different species interacting, having wars, etc.
    -Higher-level interactive stories,
    -All the data needed to "plug in" to a 3d engine and create a compelling, directed random experience

    I know the concept sounds vague, but so is the request. Any interested takers please PM me with background (i.e. what game you may have developed), and I'll be working on a draft design document to send you. Procedural content generation is a love of mine that I'd like to transform into a fun and lucrative gaming experience, and I think the iPhone is ripe for that type of thing at the moment.
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    Sounds excellent :eek:. I only wish I was a developer, then I could hire you :)

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