Tired of the Match-RPG / Slotmachine reskin freemium spam

Discussion in 'General Game Discussion and Questions' started by Rangerlump, Sep 25, 2016.

  1. Rangerlump

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    Jan 20, 2010
    I really enjoy the matchstyle RPG games ever since PuzzleQuest 1 came out on PC years ago. There have been a few decent ones released lately like Hero Emblems, Knight Story, Adventure Express etc. The problem is for every 10 or so I install there may be 1 that isn't designed to milk the player.

    It seems like most of the appstore is just reskins of the RPG matching games with random luck-based IAPs. All have the same mechanics, leveling process, and increasing star level process. I have been playing Marvel Puzzle Quest for almost a year now. I installed it because I wanted to play The Hulk. Well you know what? after all this time I still have not gotten even a crappy star rated Hulk because of the BS slotmachine lottery system in the game. No you cannot pay really money for the character you want, but we will let you pay money for a small chance at playing the character you want.

    On top of all that crap lets throw in an energy system. If any other common game mechanic can be monetized I am sure it will. An energy system should be required information identified in the game description. I dont know how many games I downloaded only to immediately delete once I found out about the timers / energy. The worst are the ones that hide the energy system while going through the required tutorial. So I end up not only wasting bandwidth but also personal time wading through the tutorial only to see energy and insta-delete. Unlocking unlimited energy with an IAP is great but very few games offer it.

    -Coming soon: Awesome RPG Match game with either Realistic or Anime art!!!!
    -Match tiles or Draw lines to build up power or mana!
    -Watch a video if you die to respawn!
    -Free energy refill!!! (when you level up)
    -Multiple ways to improve your characters to include leveling the character, leveling their equipment, and leveling the player itself!!!!! (all of which require separate currencies or resource drops!!!!)
    -Once you level your character to max, you can Add another star level and level again!!! (different resources required)
    -Offering specific IAP items is to easy so instead we offer random chests that can drop 1 of over 3000 items in the game!!!! (most of which you do not want)

    /rant off

    So to other matchRPG fans out there what are some other good non-milky player friendly games out there like this?

    -Hero Emblems
    -Knight Story
    -Adventure Express
    -Dungeon Raid
    -Dungeon Story

    sorry for the rant! I feel much better now that is off my chest:D
  2. JasonLL

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    Feb 21, 2014
    You are able to get a guaranteed 3-star hulk cover from each hulk event story quest and that event usually repeats every couple of months. I agree that timers can be a pain in the butt although I always thought MPQ did the timers better than most free to play games. The maximum ceiling for health packs is much higher than in the early days of the game and if you run out of packs you can just switch out your three heroes for other characters on your roster.

    For me a good example of a game that is kinda tarnished a bit by free to play mechanics would be Magic The Gathering Puzzle Quest and the very limited amount of health potions. I am usually waiting and not playing more than playing which leaves me indifferent to the game which is exactly the opposite of what a free to play game should want to accomplish.

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