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    Dec 10, 2014
    Just a polite introduction.. Hi everybody!

    We are a small two-person company based in Oxfordshire, UK, and will soon be launching our new iOS App. We'll post a few promo' codes once it's live as we'd really appreciate some good honest feedback.

    What it is: A collection of logical 'brain teaser' puzzles, with (we think) cute 3d graphics.
    What it's not: An action based game.
    What it's not: A balancing or dexterity puzzle, don't be misled by appearances.

    The rule is quite simple. The balls will only roll in a straight line, and you can't start another move until all balls have come to rest. Here's a preview of the App's tutorial, to illustrate....

    The tutorial puzzles are of course trivially easy, as they should be. But there's 90 puzzles in all, graded Easy/Medium/Hard, and some of the 'hard' puzzles are very difficult indeed.

    We've tried to provide useful and fun features, like the ability to watch an 'action replay' after solving a puzzle. Attached are a couple of specific puzzle examples.

    'The Rescue' isn't actually particularly hard compared to some, I (the developer) can do it in 38 moves, I just think it's fun to solve. So much that the novelty hasn't worn off despite having dutifully solved it over and over again during the many months, more than I care to admit, in development!

    'Transformation' is another favourite. I find it very difficult indeed, in fact it is one of several that I have never actually managed to solve. Our designer, Andrea Gilbert (who some may know of from 'click mazes'), has shown me that it is possible, and I have a copy of her solution sequence, but I still can't solve it without her help.

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    This looks pretty cool. It looks like touch controls is that right?
  3. Idle Complexities

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    Dec 10, 2014
    By default, it's swipe the tray to tilt it.

    We also included a mode setting whereby tilting the device causes the tray to tilt and some of our testers like that. We prefer swipe, but the choice is there.

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