'Tiny Owls' $0.99 > FREE (only this weekend)

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    Get the full version of ‘Tiny Owls’ for FREE on August, 25th and 26th :)

    No ads and no ingame-purchase - just pure fun ;)

    iTunes-Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tiny-owls/id531727098?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4

    ‘Tiny Owls’ takes you on an adventure in a cute and colorful fantasy world, in which you must escort your baby owls through narrow passages; but be cautious and careful as your wings are fragile and will break should you encounter a collision with the elements or the monsters throughout the environment!

    Can you rescue all the Tiny Owls?

    Find all the lost Tiny Owls and guide them to the safe exit.
    Explore this colorful fantasy world and escort your kids safely through narrow passages. But be cautious, your wings are fragile and will break if you touch the walls!

    * Rich 3D graphics immerse you in a colorful fantasy world.
    * Over 60 lovely designed levels are challenging yet fun.
    * Simple, addicting gameplay.
    * Easy to pick up, one-touch and tilt controls.
    * Full support for the new iPad Retina display.
    * Universal app that plays on both your iPad and iPhone.

    I hope you've got lots of fun rescuing all the tiny owls ^^

    Have a good time :)

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