Tiny Hunter

《Tiny Hunter》 is a cute version of action RPG online mobile game which riches of adventure, fantasy and fighting element…
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《Tiny Hunter》 is a cute version of action RPG online mobile game which riches of adventure, fantasy and fighting elements. The background of the story can be traced back to the history of Medieval. It consists of various historical legend and fantastic imagination at the same time not lacking of entertaining, thrilling and adventurous story line. Unique and uncountable daimon skill system is our main characteristic. Our new daimon collecting and skill combination guaranteed will give you another kind of experience that you never had. You may exploring this adventure world in a freely and relaxing environment. In addition, attractive battling scene as well as deadly combo skill with breathtaking skill effect will make you love it forever.

* Story background
Tiny Hunter comes from a hero adventure story which was built on top of the western fantasy world. The main character carry out the responsibility to save the Saar Kindom. He risks his own life and leading the brave daimon army against the demon wave by wave in hundreds of epic battle. Compared to other ARPG games on the market, Tiny Hunter indeed putting alots of effort in story constructing and game design.

* Daimon collecting as core playing style, make the battle more enjoyable and easy to learn
Daimon is the core element in this game. It will becoming the skill of the players’ main character. Players are allowed to bring along 3 different daimons during the battle. Each daimon has their own relation, once player collected certain amount of daimon, bonus attributes will be granted. Thus, it will be fun to collect and cultivate daimon.

* Art design
Tiny Hunter applying cute and awesome art design. We do have vast collection of fashion, wing, pet and weapon. You sure will be surprised if you bored with normal ARPG.

* Huge collection of powerful daimon skills
Each daimon has their own special ability so there are countless of skill combination. Players may bring along their daimon to war according to their favourite or requirement.However, daimon do have attribute restrain system. Equips reasonable daimons able to make you stronger.

* Smarter AI
For the sake of players who love to challenge, we have created new set of smarter AI and more devastating boss raid. You will never feel boring in game.

* Battle scene and special effect
Our genius artist had designed several attractive battle scene, it makes the game look more 3D and realistic.Our breathtaking skill effect will never disappointing you.

We emphasize on interaction between players. We provide real time PvP,team boss raid, massive guild war and so on. Guaranteed you will love it.

If facing any issue in game, welcome to contact us.
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Genre:Action, Role Playing
Release:Mar 09, 2016
Updated:Nov 30, -0001
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal