Universal Tiny Guy- (by Casey IT) [Universal]

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    A new retro RPG from Casey IT Games.

    Find the key on each level
    and unlock the door
    that leads to the next.
    Avoid the chefs who will
    throw carrots at you.

    Carrots will inflict damage.

    You can use your charisma
    to stop the chefs
    in their tracks by using
    the right action button.

    Find the trees on each level
    that you can knock down
    to access blocked areas.
    Some doors may be opened
    to access special rooms.

    Along the way,
    find secret boxes,
    experience fountains
    and chests.
    Open chests to find
    special items.

    Experience fountains will
    allow you to increase your
    charisma or
    swiftness attributes.

    Increased charisma will
    allow you to persuade
    the chefs from
    throwing carrots at you.
    Increased swiftness will
    allow you move faster
    through levels and
    avoid being hit by carrots.

    Defeat the boss to win.

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