Time Converter Pro and Few More Apps Now- $1.99 Free

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    Time Converter Pro

    The Time Converter is a utility app that lets you to convert the time and date between the various time zones across the world. All you have to do is launch the app and then select the required time zone.

    iPad: http://bit.ly/qRZDmP

    Stickies Pad HD

    Stickies for iPad lets you create as many stickies as you want by selecting Add New Sticky from the option. You can also set the properties for each stickies created. Stickies can be deleted if there is no need for it to be displayed.

    iPad: http://bit.ly/eL2KTJ

    Christmas Greetings 2010

    Christmas Greetings 2010 allows you to greet your near and dear ones by sending Christmas Greetings with just a click from your idevice! This Christmas Morning, get ready to greet and send beautiful card to your family and friends!


    Secure Photos and Videos HD

    The Secure Photos & Videos HD is an app that can effectively safeguard all the photos and videos in your iPad. This app lets you create an account with a password and hence you can view the photos only after typing it.

    iPad: http://bit.ly/zODEIi

    Retina Clock for iPad

    Retina Clock is a simple alarm clock application which will help usersÂ’ to wake up on their favorable time. The interesting feature is that, you can customize your alarm ring tone with your desired song or music from the audio library of the iDevice.

    iPad: http://bit.ly/GTeM2a

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