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    Timberman The Big Adventure
    On 18th of august 2022 we (Digital Melody) will be launching our side scroller 2D platform game on Nintendo Switch. Timberman is based on one of our most successful mobile game under the same name and big adventure will be the first try to explore this characters story.
    Timberman is back in his new 2D side-scroller platform adventure!
    Follow our brave lumberjack on his quest to rescue his friends and save the forest from the Evil Corp. Defeat hordes of enemies, solve puzzles, chop wood and construct various structures to help you complete challenging levels. Find secret treasures, unlock mini games, battle bosses and many more!
    Timberman The Big Adventure offers also 2 player co-op mode to play with your friend.

    Game will be coming to mobile as well this year


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