Tilteroids is now free! Enjoy! REVIEWS "Tilteroids is a simple idea done well. It's easy to replay and the challenge d…
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Tilteroids is now free! Enjoy! REVIEWS "Tilteroids is a simple idea done well. It's easy to replay and the challenge does slowly ramp up as accumulated damage becomes harder to avoid. ...a great little casual experience." - Andrew Nesvadba, AppSpy "The graphics and sound are decent. The controls work well, ... the gameplay is kinda fun. It’s simple like munching power pellets in 1982." - Jason Johnston, TouchGen "Wow - this has some of the best 3D graphics I've seen in a game like this. And the gameplay itself is really fun and challenging. A great game all around! - iTunes review DESCRIPTION • A uniquely physics based asteroids game. • Collisions of objects accurately obey the laws of physics. • Optimized for Retina display. • Universal app optimized for iPad! • Full use of 4 inch Retina displays. • Support for 4.7 and 5.5 inch displays. • Easily maneuver and aim your ship by simply tilting. • Auto calibration for comfortable play position. • Support for all device orientations (iPad only). • Simple taps unleash your weapons and engage the tractor beam. • High quality, fully rendered 3D graphics and stunning special effects! • Breathtaking high-res, dynamic backgrounds from the Hubble Space Telescope. • Accurate 3D spatial sound effects - try the headphones! • Global leaderboards and achievements via Game Center. • A visually stunning asteroids game that's actually fun to play! STORY From the icy blackness of space hostile alien forces unleash unimagined terror upon a peaceful settlement, completely destroying their planet. Once orbiting the planet, your space station is all that remains of humanity in this part of the galaxy. It falls to you to defend this lone outpost against the onslaught of asteroids and the enemy fighters bent on your extermination. • Visit our web site to see it in action! • More features coming! A classic game updated for a 21st century device.
Genre:Arcade, Simulation, Action
Release:Sep 30, 2009
Updated:Jan 22, 2016
Size:54.4 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal