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  1. Recently I have heard a lot of game developers complaining about tilt control for iPhone games. The main complaints seem to come from the fact that by tilting the device, you are also tilting the screen; therefore making it harder to play the game. Also, if you make the controls too sensitive then you run the risk of making the game frustrating to play.

    Do you think tilt controls are merely a novelty that should only be used for casual, buy/play/delete games, or do they have a place in games that offer replayability?
  2. wootbean

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    Feb 8, 2009
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    I've never thought of that actually (tilting the screen making it harder to play) nor have I ever really noticed it.
    I think it'd depend on the nature of the game, some of my games' accelerometer controls are absolutely perfect (space ninja) and for others there's no way it would work (last levels of snail mail maybe)
  3. Will090

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    If the controls are done right then they're great like in FAST. However if they are done poorly they ruin the game
  4. robertf224

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    Mar 28, 2009
    Real racing controls = amazing. 2Xl supercross controls = butt. If you do tilting you have to include a horizon tilt so the action shifts with you
  5. Kamazar

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    Dec 13, 2008
    Depends on the sensitivity. iSR can be a pain to play if it's set too low. However, tilt gives you more precision than a most analog sticks can. Anyone play Excite Truck on the Wii? Maybe not the best of games but the controls felt amazing.
  6. Six3

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    I don't care for it for the most part. I think :confused: . I would rather relax, sit back and tap/pinch/slide.

    In my opinion the ones that worked were:
    • iBomber (well executed)
    • Blimp (pretty nice)
    • Doodle Jump (good simple use)
    • Done Drinkin (is this a game or just something you do when your drunk waiting in line at jack in the box?)
    • Labrynth (made it feel like the real game)
    • & Some game called Rolando... (heard its a popular one) ;)

    The ones that did not work for me were Spore, Pirate Wings and Graviton. Graviton was unresponsive, Pirate Wings was uncontrollable, and Spore had the problem like you said when you tilt the screen so much it disrupts the viewing angle too drastically. Also I dont like it when you have to sit up and look down to play them, some are like that... Too much work when your trying to relax.

    The newer games coming out look much better though... I will still try them, but I have many more games that dont use tilt control than do. Thats my preference.

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