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* 1st. racing category in Korea

The paid version has no ads. and get gold x2.
Data will no…
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Sale 66% off
* 1st. racing category in Korea

The paid version has no ads. and get gold x2.
Data will not transfer from the free version over to the paid version.

Long time ago, the earth was destroyed. human beings had created the artificial asteroid 'MINI-94' and launched a number of human in it into space. After a long wandering around space, it settled into the orbit of the planet 'Jeta‘. From then, human has realized that various creatures do existed in space.

Thumb.Run is a record-breaking game with a sense of timing.
The first episode of this exciting world! Running Competition!
Champions is are the only ones remembered in the world! Let's run to become a top runner!

* Beautiful - Colorful design and adorable characters.
* Short playtime - It can be done in short spare moments.
* Easy to play - Run and jump with a good sense of timing are all you need.
* No item - No available items for purchase and little level difference upon upgrading.
* Cause of competition - The national flag and profile photo on the background will boost players’ confidence.
* Beat your opponents in each course to get enough gold. Run to get the world record and set your new record.
* There's no set route. Run three laps as quickly as you can by all means!
* Run to become a top runner. If you become a top runner, you can see your photo and flag at the stage of the game.
* Send an invitation to your friends by using challenge function of the game center.
* Collect some cute and lovely characters and figures by using gacha. If you complete a diorama, you can get diorama points.
* Upgrade bonus ability by using diorama points. It is necessary to become a top runner.
* If you don't have money but need urgent help, use 'sponsor‘ to help. 5000 gold will be provided upon request.

** Coming Soon **
- More stages and more Dioramas are coming soon.
- Use local wi-fi or local Bluetooth for multi-player game.
Genre:Arcade, Racing
Release:Feb 16, 2016
Updated:Nov 30, -0001
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