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    Apr 29, 2016
    ThreeBody allows you to place three bodies and see how long gravity will hold them together. Can you create a stable system?

    Tap three times and see what happens! Add initial velocities to see how that changes things.

    ThreeBody also provides galleries of the beautiful and bizarre known stable solutions, some discovered as recently as 2013!

    - highly accurate physical simulation
    - simple tap/drag to add velocities to the bodies
    - replay high score and last attempt
    - show positions used for a high score
    - saved creations in a custom gallery

    There are no ads or in-app purchases.


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  2. Lavender

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    Dec 31, 2013
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    What?? Whoa.... WOW!!!

    So... I installed the game. The App Store replaces the word 'installing' with 'open.'
    I clicked 'open' to take a quick look, figuring I would come back to it later, but instead; I became lost in this fascinating world of gravity and physics.
    At first look, ThreeBody - Gravity Simulation appears to be a simplistic and minimalistic arcade game. One that would be played with for a short amount of time until the next game with bouncing ball(s) replaces it. But...... This game is hard to put down!
    It should come with a stick because this one will definitely poke your brain! he he! (((You could poke yourself in the eye with your finger if you really want to... But I would not recommend that! He he)))
    The goal is to have a working and functioning simulation, using the provided balls. Using gravity to your advantage, and realistic physics, you place the balls where you want, on the screen. The balls can bounce off each other. If done correctly, the balls will continue to bounce off each other and come back again creating a functioning simulated pattern. And; if done correctly, it is awesome!
    There are simulations That have already been made. So if you want to, you can just sit back and relax, and watch. This is also nice because they are completely fascinating.
    This review is based on approximately 30 minutes of playtime. There really is so much more to this game then what I have written here. I've noticed that there are areas where the game will give you suggestions and also explanations. You can also try for high scores and put your creations in a gallery.
    If you pay attentions while you play; you'll find that you'll learn some interesting facts as well.
    The 1st and most important fact being; ThreeBody is a 'must have' game for anyone with a device and a brain! :)
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    There's also a lite version. Cool stuff, as I'm very into physics.

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