Three Skies

Shiny Box Games, LLC
Three Skies is a story driven strategic RPG that contains challenging non-linear dungeons, turn-based elemental combat, …
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Three Skies is a story driven strategic RPG that contains challenging non-linear dungeons, turn-based elemental combat, and highly customizable heroes. Customize your Commander, collect and level over 60 unique heroes, and design the perfectly synergized dungeon exploring party to unravel the mystery of the Calamity and save the land of Baranor from a mysterious villain surfacing out of your past. FEATURES Risk vs. reward dungeon dives: Face challenging strategic trade-offs with each journey into over 120 handcrafted dungeons. How much are you willing to risk to ensure victory? Recruit and optimize your party: Summon powerful heroes from across Baranor, grow and customize each one, and mix and match them into unstoppable battle teams. Intense strategic combat: Battle against dangerous foes in a deep turn-based elemental combat system! Become a PVP Grandmaster: Defeat other Commanders in the PVP Arena to earn your way up through the Leagues! A WIDE WORLD OF CONTENT Explore over 80 hours of story driven content, with new side stories added every month. Want to wander off the beaten path? Treasure Hunts, Realms, Excavations, and Raids are just some of the additional quest modes you'll discover. DEEP, STRATEGIC COMBAT Each tense dungeon dive requires careful planning to navigate the expansive dungeon maps filled with terrifying traps and intimidating enemies. You’ll have to carefully weigh the risk vs. reward payoffs when forming battle parties, managing supplies, choosing paths through the labyrinths, and devising battle tactics. Master all 14 elements and approach each challenge cleverly to reap the full rewards of your travels. CRAFT AND CUSTOMIZE To begin your journey in Baranor, you’ll create a fully customized Commander. During your travels, collect and recruit over 60 different heroes, each with fully customizable skills, talents, attributes, artifacts, and gear. Then make them unstoppable with multiple promotion options! Using the rarest materials collected from your enemies, upgrade your town to unlock the ability to craft legendary gear, and equip your heroes to mold them into the perfect team for executing your battle plans. COMPETITIVE PVP ARENA Wage war against other Commanders in highly accessible PVP that rewards players across a variety of different modes. Exclusive: Only lowest rarity heroes are permitted. Limited: Only middle and lowest rarity heroes are permitted. Open: Battle with no restrictions. Random: Receive random combatants based on the heroes you have in your collection, each level scaling to be on par with other rare heroes. Climb the Leaderboards to reach the top of the Grandmaster League!
Seller:Shiny Box Games, LLC
Genre:Arcade, Role Playing, Strategy
Release:Jan 24, 2023
Updated:May 30, 2023
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