Think!Think! Monsters

WonderLab Inc.
**** Brain Training meets Monster Hunting in this seamless blend of innovative puzzles and retro gaming **** Gather you…
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**** Brain Training meets Monster Hunting in this seamless blend of innovative puzzles and retro gaming **** Gather your wits, your courage, and your teammates to take on the weird and wonderful world of Think!Think! Monsters! ◆A retro, 8-bit styled role-playing game based on the award-winning educational app “Think!Think!”, downloaded in 150 countries by over 500,000 people ◆The race is on!- Solve our brain-training puzzles in time for the power to defeat your enemies! ◆Teamwork is key!- work together with players from all over the world, use your weapons wisely! ◆Defeat them all!- Explore new and exciting worlds and defeat common and rare monsters alike! ◆Level Up!- Upgrade and customise your weapons and appearance with the GOLD you win ************ About Think!Think! Monsters Think!Think! Monsters is a battle-puzzle game made for players aged 10+, made by the creators of Think!Think!, an award-winning educational app by Hanamaru Lab, Ltd. The game is designed to train players’ brains, and to show them how to enjoy using their own critical thinking skills to solve a problem. In the battle system, players are securely matched up in teams with other players. If there are no other players to connect to, players will battle along side AI units. Players cannot communicate with one another at all, nor do they have access to any information besides their user names.You can read more about our Privacy Policy here: Think!Think!Monsters is a free app, but it does contain items that can be bought with real money. Players receive 3 x Lives every day for free, but additional lives and player slots can be purchased within the app. You can disable in-app purchases in your device's settings or reach us at [email protected] for help. Your purchases help us to develop new and exciting game content, so we greatly appreciate your support.
Seller:WonderLab Inc.
Genre:Family, Puzzle
Release:Aug 04, 2018
Updated:Oct 20, 2020
Size:495.5 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal