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The War Arena - Take the ultimate dungeon PVP warrior test and prove your fighting skills against worthy opponents all o…
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The War Arena - Take the ultimate dungeon PVP warrior test and prove your fighting skills against worthy opponents all over the world! Select your champion from various classes such as Axe Man, Fire Wizard, Ice Wizard or Green Monster. Experience the immersive PVP world of dungeon battling and bring down your enemies one by one. Conquer the leaderboard and show off your skills to everyone. Use an extensive arsenal of power-ups and wipe out anyone who dares to challenge you! Use your magic powers and bring wrath down against anyone who dares to challenge your powers. Visually stunning graphics and special power animation effects that will keep you captivated. The War Arena is a player versus player (PVP) game in which your skills and tactics will be heavily tested. Prove you are the best, test out various power-ups, strength upgrades and strategies. Master various special powers, ignite your enemies in a circle of flaming doom, capture them in a ring of deadly ice, axe them down or use your monster paranormal powers. Endless possibilities! The War Arena redefines the PVP experience, kept in a simple concept with a very easy interface and fast loading times. You will never want to play another PVP game after you try this one! The immersive world will captivate your attention. The breath-taking action packed battles will pump up your adrenaline. Smooth working game mechanics that will always be further upgraded. Jump into action, train yourself with all the warriors, master them one by one and show everyone you are the pvp king of The War Arena. Pick between elegant and intelligent wizards, powerful and brave warriors or frightening, merciless beasts. Let the carnage begin! The Axe warrior is a noble purple knight that yields his weapon with such skill that even the strongest warriors that stood against him have been crushed. The Fire Wizard is the ultimate doombringer. No one is safe against him. His spectacular skills and powers have earned him one of the top spots in The War Arena PVP dungeon. The Ice Wizard comes as cold as it can be. Deadly icicles flying out from everywhere, will you be ready to master his great powers? Beware of this cold fighter. Will you be able to stand and fight against him? Only one way to find out. The Green Monster is the reincarnation of doom and terror. There is no place to hide from him. Choose between certain death or a heroic stance against this evil, muscle packed creature. Face the nightmare and destroy its hopes. You will prevail as The War Arena PVP master. Make your alliance proud, defend the reputation of your class and eliminate the threats one by one until no one will dare to face you. Conquer the PVP world of The War Arena and become the ultimate warrior. Fight for glory and for your pride. Fight your way up in the leaderboard and do not stop until you are the first ranked player. The War Arena - the fastest growing game in popularity in its category. Be a part of the community, download and encourage your friends to play along your side. We are constantly striving to improve the user experience. Help us help you. Keep an eye for our constant updates as we will introduce amazing game modes and even greater visual effects. The War Arena works better when playing with friends or people from your region. Challenge people from your area and see who will prevail as the ultimate warrior. Will you be on top of the rankings? Who will be the dominant player? Only one way to find out. Download it today and spread the word!
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Release:Apr 16, 2020
Updated:May 30, 2020
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