The Ultimate Retro Rally

"...Retro Rally seems like a good bargain!" - Appshouter…
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"...Retro Rally seems like a good bargain!" - Appshouter


The Ultimate Retro Rally by GreenLegend brings back the old racing era in a new modern shape!

30 different racing challenges over 10 unique maps creates long lasting fun both for racing beginners and experts!

The game has been designed for both iPhone/iPod and iPad, and when running on the iPad the game will adopt to the larger screen for the ultimate racing experience!

Implemented features include:

Fast and responsive accelerometer controls and OpenGL graphics rendering ensure a lightning fast gaming experience without compromising precision!

Advanced AI, the computer cars will compete not only with you, but with each other, they may chase you or overtake you or simply knock you out of the track!

Racing your competitors, you can either out-manouver them, shoot them with missiles that you pick up along the way, or lay mines to prevent them from catching up on you.

6 different ways to personalize the steering controls, using either accelerometer or touch buttons for steering/accelerating and car-centered viewpoint versus fixed map viewpoint.

This game is part of a "community type experiment" where we want to get YOUR feedback for how this game can be further developed! Multiplayer and more tracks are obvious extensions already planned! You provide the rest...and we will make it come true, either in future updates of this product, or as separate releases... So please join us in our effort to make our dreams come true!!!

So try the game out, and then take a moment to submit YOUR view on how to improve it, or on what future products you'd like to see for the iPhone and iPad, at:

Stay tuned for future updates coming shortly, such as:
Multiplayer support
More levels/maps
Release:Sep 09, 2010
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