The Trouble With Monsters (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/Android)

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    I'm resurrecting this now that I've finished shipping that Torchlight 2 thing I spent the last year working like crazy on. This WAS Monster Tower, but since that name got snatched up in the last year, I've moved on and renamed it. Behold, The Trouble With Monsters!

    The Trouble With Monsters is a physics based RTS/Defense mashup! I think it's pretty different from anything else you've played.

    It currently works on 3G and up iOS devices, including iPad and iPad 2 and 3, and most iPod Touches. It also works on Android devices, including tablets. I'll be releasing as a Universal app, probably for 99c. Tablets are really the best way to play, but phone works surprisingly well.

    For lack of a better description, it's like a bizarre mix of Plants Vs Zombies, Plunderland, and Angry Birds,- you have until nightfall to build a structure around your chickens and defend them from hungry monsters. You can build bricks, weaponry, and chickens which produce golden eggs to fund your efforts. It's all touch driven, so you drag bits of the world around, you can catch enemy weapons and bombs in midair and fling them back at them, or hurl boulders, masonry - or even chickens! - to wipe them out. Completing levels earns you new types of tools to use, and new monsters with new abilities appear to challenge your defensive chops.

    It's really goofy, but pretty fun!

    I've cobbled together NEW crummy videos to try to show how it plays. I did a general art and UI overhaul as part of pulling this out of mothballs, and added a time-freeze mechanic that can alter the game considerably.

    Here's the video, and a few screenshots.






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    release date dude ?

    I have been waiting for this game since 2011, can be the tester ? PM me if possible, thanks

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