The Titan Archers

Play amazing archery challenge to become a pro in archery with The Titan Archers

Want to be a Pro in Archery? W…
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Play amazing archery challenge to become a pro in archery with The Titan Archers

Want to be a Pro in Archery? Welcome to the world of Archery and adventures. Learn all the basics of the amazing sport Archery with unlimited fun and challenges with "The Titan Archers". Save your kingdom from the enemies and destroyers using your Archery skills. Choose the right weapons and Arrows to target the enemies. The game is very challenging with lots of enemies coming to attack your kingdom. You are the sole saver of your land from the deadly monsters. The battle is for your land and your people between you and the monsters. The game will teach you all the Archery skills to fight against your enemies and is the best place to prove your archery skills.

"The Titan Archers" has amazing thrilling HD graphics and animations with awesome sound effects. With over 40 exciting levels, 25 weapons and ammunitions you will love playing the game and fighting against the cruel monsters. Choose the weapons smartly to slow down your enemies and use your strategic skills to trap them. The game has many tricks and turns.! Unlock the new power boosters along with the deadly weapons and ammunitions by earning the points. Kill the enemies and score the points faster. Defend your Tower Land by targeting your enemies. Don't miss out the shot.! Focus and be quick to shoot the monster.

Still looking for reasons why “The Titan Archers” is the best archery adventure game? Here are features of the game that make it incredible -
-Over 25 weapons and ammunitions
-Over 42 levels with different level types
-Beautiful game graphics with animations
-Collect points to unlock new weapons and ammunitions
-Combination gameplay between Bubble shooter style & Tower Defends

Download the most exciting game "The Titan Archers" to get the dual fun of playing a bubble shooter game and Tower Defend. Put on your Archery skills hat to be on the top of the Leaderboard. Be the master of Archery through "The Titan Archers".
Genre:Action, Strategy
Release:Dec 12, 2016
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