Universal The Sway will launch soon. Beta testers are needed!

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    Our game will launch soon and we would like to invite people to test it before! So:

    Are you ready for the swipe with a bit of slide and a tap on a side? Is it the time to get your reflexes challenged? Are you ready to dive into this exciting adventure brought to you by The Sway? One thing for certain, you need to be humble and get ready to overcome the challenges coming your way.

    So, roll your sleeves and prepare for things to get a bit more swipy and slidy as you progress throughout 7 different worlds with more than 40 unique levels. Your main goal is to control the ball and avoid obstacles at any cost. However, to make things a bit more interesting our unique control system will be jumping between taping, sliding and swiping as you fight through the every single hostile world of The Sway.

    It would be a mistake to pass on this ultimate boredom beater!


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