the skinflint thread...(isniperwatch)

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    Jul 20, 2010
    Top 5 games you're waiting to come down in price? (developers look away its the ugly pennysavers)

    1. Rogue Planet. Currently £2.99 waiting on £1.79..(got other tbs, and this is a oldish one)

    2. Super Monkey Ball 2. It never came down in price in the Uk and is priced at £3.49..

    3. Pro Evo 2010. (currently £2.49- but Pro Evo 2011 around the corner and football games a load of them..)

    4. Despicable Me:Minion Mania (currently £2.99- and isn't meant to work on ipod touches pre 3rd gen..)

    5. Canabalt (currently £1.79- when there are better hits around like Monster Dash, or Mirror's edge)


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