The Shady Freemium model

Discussion in 'General Game Discussion and Questions' started by David_Don_13, Feb 6, 2015.

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    I'd really like to see a freemium model where IAPs are capped! i.e. the player can only purchase 10 IAPs before being locked out of the store for good.

    I believe that Freemium has turned into a seedy business model and has been damaged by game developers hoping to get players addicted (similar to gambling). Developers are more concerned about ripping off children with virtual currency than focusing on new innovative game ideas.

    I'd love if Google and Apple introduced mandatory IAP caps. It would encourage fairer markets and improve transparency.

    Any thoughts?
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    Thoughts?'ll never happen unless there is government regulation. Apple makes 30% off of every one of those microtransactions; they will not enact a policy unless it affects their bottom line. Judging from the Top Grossing charts, Apple is not going to be leading the charge on reform.

    Sorry, that's capitalism.
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    I could also see players not liking that mechanic... Imagine how many folks in League of Legends would be angry if they could only have a handful of skins. Or champions purchase. They'd be up in riot. (har har).

    I feel like if you did place a cap on IAP, it wouldn't be called "freemium" anyways. The very goal of freemium is to get the player to spend more money on the marketplace than they would have if they bought the game at a premium price.
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    Apple have lobbied to disband Chinese labour unions so they can squeeze out even higher margins. There will be no cap...
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    If people have the money and want to spend it then I don't think they should be stopped. Putting a cap on purchases will probably make devs price higher, the lower price will be say £1.49 instead of 79p to make up for the lost sales on folks who would buy 20 Iap at 79p

    Can't see it happening. People will spend what they want to.

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