Universal The Secret Of Ridgeway Manor (by M9 Games)

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    The Secret Of Ridgeway Manor - NEWLY UPDATED!



    Experience the intense horror of a ghostly uninhibited mansion full of logic puzzles and classic point and click gameplay.

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience a ghostly adventure in an abandoned manor house out in the woods where no one can find you?


    Well this manor house is unlike any other. Ridgeway Manor was abandoned in the early 19th century by its owners and due to the unique way the manor was built, no one has been brave enough to set foot back inside.

    The manor has been created with traps and dangers to keep the snooping public at bay. The challenge you face, if you are brave enough, is to explore the manor and unlock its secret puzzles.


    "You are settling into bed on a breezy evening, the draft from the window wafts over your face as you think back to the strange experience you had earlier in the day. You dreamily remember walking home past an old deserted manor house, you recall glancing up the driveway where a light was on in the window. You think to yourself “No one has lived in that house for decades”. You let the thought mill through your mind as you begin to drift off to sleep. Your eyes begin to close and your thoughts begin to wander…
    ...You open your eyes to find yourself outside the gates to that same old manor house you were just thinking of – Ridgeway Manor as the name on the gate says…
    ...You have the strangest urge to explore…"


    + Unique challenging logic puzzles which focus on escape room style puzzles.
    + Drag and drop inventory system for combining items found.
    + Classic point and click gameplay. Tap to navigate rooms, no complicated controls.


    Play now: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/secret-of-ridgeway-manor/id1536567775
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    I downloaded this, and paid for the upgrade.

    Besides still seeing ads even after I paid for the upgrade, the game itself is disappointing. Puzzles so far seem to be poorly clued, and the game itself is very dark. One puzzle near the beginning can only be solved by brute force. There’s another puzzle right after this one where the clues are almost impossible to see, since one can’t zoom into the area where the clues are. Then, the next area contains a puzzle that seems unsolvable with the clues that are present, if they are clues at all.

    I would not recommend the game in its current state, and I have already deleted it.
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    Stuck on area just after the gate.
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    Step on the stepping stones in sequential steps. It was something like left left right right right if I remember rightly, but could have been the other way round.

    WARNING - Spoiler in the previous paragraph! (I don’t know how to hide the words).
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    NP34FNHWK6LL taken...

    thanks a lot!

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