The Secret of Moonwall Palace - Viva La Future Revolution HD

The prophecy was right. The ancient race able to destroy the Emperor truly exists... It awaits its moonlit awakening, hi…
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The prophecy was right. The ancient race able to destroy the Emperor truly exists... It awaits its moonlit awakening, hidden deep underneath the Emperor’s palace - in a place that officially doesn’t even exist. What secrets are kept there? How potent are the powers of the ancients?

It’s up to Martin to find out. Fighting against time, the military forces loyal to the Emperor and fanatic rebels on the other side, he must find his family before it’s too late...

See and experience the worst a totalitarian regime can produce: a death camp, a city devoid of life and the Grand Emperor’s own residence. Always remember – there are no rules anymore...

Who will have to die for this story to end?
Who will sacrifice his life, who will be murdered?
Who will become a traitor, and who will be betrayed?

There is no black and white anymore…

• The Secret of Moonwall Palace was featured in the New & Noteworthy, What’s Hot, What We’re Playing, and Episodic Games sections of the App Store! •

• The Secret of Moonwall Palace - Murder on the Mumbai Express was a second best game in TouchArcade Game of the Week contest! •

• "All the elements of a fine game are there, including a nice cast of characters, a decent enough storyline, and wonderful hand-drawn graphics." - •

• "Fans of point and click adventure games, particularly those that enjoy the Myst series, will definitely get some fun out of the game." - •

• "Great thematic score; original setting; intriguing plot twist." - Adventure Gamers •

• "I must admit the characters themselves are quite distinct and not easily placed in common archetypes" - •

• "I would like to note something about the graphics – they’re excellent." - •

• "The developers have put in an original backstory, great hand-drawn graphics and reasonable writing." - •

Game features:
• Beautiful, hand drawn visuals.
• An amazing story set in a troubled urban-fantasy world, shattered by magic, horror and intrigue.
• Multiple secondary characters, ready to help you... or to stand in your way.
• Breathtaking soundtrack created by experienced professional composers.
• Hours of captivating gameplay.
• More than 100 backgrounds and locations.
• Dozens of objects to pick up and interact with.
• Hundreds of dialogue lines, descriptions and documents.
• Real-time gameplay experience in 24 hours mode.
• Partially non-linear gameplay.
• Advanced hint system.
• Hotspot display system.
• Twitter integration.

Experience the finale of one of the best reviewed and most awarded adventure games available in App Store!

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Genre:Adventure, Role Playing
Release:Jul 17, 2012
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