The Screetch

Drop7 meets World of Goo in this addictive puzzle game.

Update for iPod Touch 4 is available for download!
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Drop7 meets World of Goo in this addictive puzzle game.

Update for iPod Touch 4 is available for download!

"The Screetch is a great game with a funny name".

"If you enjoy logic or puzzle games, then this is definitely a must buy".

"I guarantee that if they (developers) simply let gamers know what’s going on with The Screetch, they would definitely have a popular hit".

" is one of those games that reminded me of the good old days when you’d get the 10 level trials and then buy the whole version for the PC. It is that kind of puzzle game but with better visuals and sound".

"...the most impressive thing about The Screetch though is the quality of its user interface and graphics. It's all very skillfully done".

Easy to match, hard to capture.
Сrew of Screetches capturing cloudy spheres, your goal is to release them and catch all Screetches into flask.

But don't worry! It's as easy as it is fun. The Screetch is turn-based logic game. Just put together three or more spheres in line and they'll explode. Every explosion clear neighboring spheres, and the Screetch goes to the flask. When the flask is full, you go to the next level. That's it. Good luck! Catch all Screetches and have a good time!

Game Features

Exciting gameplay. Hundreds of thousands games are just clones with the same rules in a different wrapping. Now it's changed!
Drop-dead visuals. Mobile puzzle game doesn't mean tasteless and uninspiring graphics.
Challenge with friends. Stay in touch with your friends even while playing
Full accessibility. Сolor blindness isn't an obstacle for entertainment
Magnificent Worlds. With each level you'll travel deeper into astonishing worlds of The Screetch. You'll be seeing new places and facing new opponents.
New online experience. Work your way to be the best in any of 12 divisions or challenge other players to enter Major League.
Collect your trophies. Every captured Screetch falls into your personal hall of Trophies. Stay tuned for an update to find out what else you can do with them.
Easy to start. Despite new and unique set of rules our game is easy to learn. Just clear the spheres and capture the Screetch!

Better graphic performance on iPhone 3Gs, iPod Touch 3rd gen and iPhone 4.

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Genre:Board, Family, Puzzle
Release:Jul 22, 2010
Updated:Nov 30, -0001
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