The Robot Smarter than Smart Phone!

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    Aug 12, 2015
    This Wednesday I found a humanoid robot promotion page on Facebook. It is so awesome specially its servo. Different from most robots, there are 20 digital servo, which means it can act just like a human. Digital servo is much more advanced than direct current machine, which is widely used on other robots. The size of digital servo is smaller than direct current machine, but takes much larger torque to realize various flexible actions. The best part is, digital servo provides high accuracy, to make to robot can take some tiny actions accurately.

    Pic: Differences between servo and current machine



    Moreover, the built-in MCU system including servo-controlled system, planetary moderation system, and sensory feedback system is the top tech of the world. The secret is the unique PID algorithm, which is totally beyond the other robot, or let’s just say “NAO”. The key indicators of the stressing engine, such as “torque/volume” value, control accuracy, are better than European or American robots’. Even though the servo on Alpha robot is so advanced, its price is less than the competitors. How low? Its said that its price is less than one third of servo on other humanoid robot. Such incredible!

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